Ginger Ross Zapzilla Soothing Leg Lotion
Soothing Relief for Varicose Veins
Varicose Vein Energizing Cream

Who Am I

My name is Ginger Ross and I reside in Hampton, NH. I'm an entrepreneur who founded NH Wedding Magazine in 1998 and sold it in 2006. I'm a recent college graduate with a BA in Psychology. I have two children and I'm in my 50's. I have suffered from varicose veins since I was 16. They run in my family. Somewhere in my mid 20s I did the needle injection process where the veins were suppose to dry up and go away. They went away, for about six months and then resurfaced worse than they were before. My varicose veins were pretty severe but they never really caused me so much pain that I couldn't think straight until about six years ago. So, I went to the Dr. to get them removed only to find out that my upper veins were so far stretched out that they could no longer support the extra strain that the removal would cause. I'm stuck with these veins and the constant inflammation, and the pain. Left with no other option, I began trying the over the counter capsules and creams. I did find one that really relieved the pain of my varicose veins and that gave me some hope because the pain no longer consumed every waking minute and dictated what I did, or did not do, each day.

Making Zapzilla

On a trip to Florida this past February, I visited the lovely town of Tarpon Springs. In one of the shops there, a store associate introduced me to this butter cream and said it was good for everything, removing bee stings, eczema, etc...she said I could even put it on my face and in my hair (which I did not do). It was only $10.00 so I decided to try it. I've spent a lot of money trying to find a soothing lotion for my legs so what was another $10 bucks.My legs had been throbbing from walking around all day and as soon as I purchased it I went to the car and put some on my legs. I noticed some relief almost immediately. In fact, I was shocked at how the achniess started to vanish. I began using it regularly, in place of my $25 per 4oz health food store lotion I had been buying (which worked but I was going through a jar a month). Because the African Shea Butter was extremely hard and I had to microwave it each time before use so I came up with the idea to blend it with aloe (known to be good for varicose veins) and Eucalyptus oil for a nice scent. This creme is thick and you'll need a few minutes to let it set in before putting on your slacks, but it works. I encourage you to try the 2oz jar sample size. Disclaimer - There is no claim that this cream makes varicose veins disappear. This helps sooth the heaviness and achiness and puts a bounce back in y our step.

My disclaimer

My forte is not making personal oils and lotions. I made this for myself and it works so well I simply wanted to share it with others who are suffering from the heaviness and aches from Varicose Veins. I hope it helps you get a small part of yourself back.