Better than expected

I’d like to share a new revelation I’ve had about this cream…I was traveling (camping actually) and had forgotten to bring my leg cream with me. Devastated is what I was – however, after five days of traveling and hiking and biking I realized my legs weren’t bothering me. I was dumbfounded and excited at the same time. Could it be that my use of this cream for the length of time that I’d been using it has actually eliminated the pain for a longer duration than one day at a time. Curious, I reached out to one of the customers and said “I noticed you haven’t re-ordered. Does the cream not work for you?” She replied, “Oh no, on the contrary. I found after using it for two weeks that I didn’t need to apply it every day anymore. The pain is gone and I only need to apply it maybe once a week.” WOW! Thank you Doreen, for confirming what I actually experienced too! So for those of you who haven’t re purchased your supply – I now know why and am not bummed out – but the opposite – more excited now than ever to promote this cream to those of you who suffer from chronic leg pain. Woohoo – Order yours today…#chroniclegpaingone #varicoseveinrelief Zapzilla Varicose Vein Cream