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Soothing Leg Cream 4 Oz @ $14.95

This supply should last at least one month, depending on how much you use.



Soothing Leg Cream 4=2 Oz @ $7.95

This supply should last at a couple of weeks, depending on how much you use. It is enough for you to try out and see how well it works for you.

Varicose Vein Soothing Pain Releif Cream

Soothing Leg Cream 1/2 Oz Free Sample - You pay  $.25 plus shipping and handling of $4.25. (I have to put some dollar amount in the coding to get the shopping cart to work so I put $.25, a nominal fee).

The .5 oz size is enough for about two or three applications. I hope it works for you. Limit 1.

Miracle Facial Soap African Imports



Miracle Facial Soap tightens and softens skin at the same time. Available no where else. Once you experience it, you will never want to live without it again.

It holds moisture in for additional skin health; and leaves you with fresh feeling skin instantly. It's amazing...instantly. The soft soap contains micro beads that exfoliate while it cleanses. The moment that you finish washing with this, you will feel the difference. Your skin will feel much softer and healthier. 4 oz. $14.95